Public Hearing Notice; posted


7227 Huron Avenue, Suite 200

Lexington, MI  48450

Public Hearing Notice

Date:          Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Place:          Lexington Village Hall, 7227 Huron Avenue, Lexington, MI  48450

Time:           7:00 PM to be followed by the regular Planning Commission meeting

To hear and consider comments on proposed text amendments to:

  • Chapter 18 “Off-Street Parking & Loading Amendment” Revise requirements for parking materials
  • Chapter 3 “General Provisions” Footnote 5, Lakeshore Setback Revise requirement
  • Chapter 2 “Definitions” Add Resort
  • Chapter 6 “Agriculture Enterprise District (A-1) Add Resort

To receive comments on proposed Rezones:

  • Lakeview Hills Fairway Drive from A-1 to R-1

151-150-000-001-00                                                 151-150-000-003-01

151-150-000-005-00                                                 151-150-000-008-00

151-150-000-016-00                                                 151-150-000-017-00

151-150-000-018-00                                                 151-150-000-019-00

151-150-000-002-00                                                 151-150-000-006-00

151-150-000-007-00                                                 151-150-000-009-00



  • Lakeview Hills Golf Course parcels from C to A-1

150-026-400-010-01                                                 150-026-400-020-07

150-035-100-020-00                                                 150-035-400-020-00



The hearing is open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend and participate in the hearing or to submit written comment.  Comments in writing will be considered at the hearing and must be received by the Planning Commission on or before September 19, 2018.

Any concerns, including requirements of the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act, should be brought to the attention of the Township Clerk prior the Hearing.  Please phone at 810-359-5500.



Katherine Calamita, Lexington Township Clerk